We Would love to hear from YOU! 

The Bridge is…

… a community effort of neighbors to improve access to resources and support and to create opportunities to thrive.

… focused on and embedded in the community, led and governed by community members to create a vibrant center focused on food security, youth enrichment, and healthcare access.

The Bridge will…

…strengthen community resources in High Point core neighborhoods through collaboration with community-based organizations, aggressive community outreach, and by leveraging local, state, and federal resources.

…be a place that inspires, serves, and teaches.

We need to hear from you…

…to refine community needs and priorities! Please scan the QR code to take our survey and let us know how we can best serve you!

More About The Bridge

The Resilience High Point board and board Chair, Dr. Patrick Harman, wanted to find a way to connect the community with existing resources that could help them deal with some of these issues.

Beyond connecting resources, Resilience High Point wanted to give folks greater access to health care, healthy food, youth-focused activities, and other ways to improve their lives. As a result, the concept of The Bridge was developed.

The Bridge will be a community gathering place by and for neighbors to access resources, support, and opportunities to thrive.

The committee and partners for The Bridge want to ensure they are listening to all community members and recognize the many priorities each neighbor has. This helps determine the best ways The Bridge can address  community needs.